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In this section we have gathered some relevant academic research and magazine articles which explains the science behind Deep Cryogenic Treatment (DCT) and the affects it has on various materials.

To summarise, deep sub-zero temperatures physically changes the treated material leaving it stronger, tougher and harder.  The applications are almost limitless from gear sets to brake discs to fish hooks to alloy wheels.

All will be stronger and longer lasting and able to withstand increased stress over an untreated part.

The technology to liquify gas is relatively new and it is still very uncommon in it's use, so unlike testing materials with high temperatures (e.g. quenching steel), testing the effects of deep sub-zero temperatures is still in it's infancy.  In an effort to broaden the understanding of this technology we have been sponsoring cryogenic studies at the University of Leicester for many years helping to further scientific knowledge in this fascinating field.

Below are a few articles and research papers from a variety of sources which will get you started.  A quick google search will show many more academic studies however a lot of empirical testing remains confidential as enterprises (from military to mining to F1) see these performance and cost gains as a competitive edge and are naturally reluctant to share their findings.


CTD is a free resource for  Research and Information run by the Cryogenic Society of America

Making the Case for a Short-Cycle DeepCryogenic Treatment for Tool Steels

DCT for HiFi Cables

Cryogenic Treatment for Motor Sports

The Effect of Cryogenic Treatments on 7075 Aluminum Alloy

Cryogenic The Racers Edge

The Modern Machine Shop  - Tooling

Effect of cryogenic treatment on mechanical properties and microstructure of aluminium 6082 alloy

Racecar Engineering

Cryogenic Treatment on the Wear Resistance of Piston Ring Materials

Comparison of K340 Steel Microstructure and Mechanical Properties Using SCT and DCT

Cryogenic Treatment of Brake Rotors to Improve Wear Resistance

Effect of Cryogenic Processing on Surface Roughness of Age Hardenable AA6061 Alloy

Effects of cryogenic treatment on the wear properties of brake discs

Influence of cryogenic thermal treatment on mechanical properties of an Al–Cu–Mg alloy

Comparison of Effects of Cryogenic Treatment on Different Types of Steels : A Review

Cryogeninc treatment of Gears

Thermal Conductivity and DCT

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