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  • How do I send you my items?
    Just ship your components to us at the address below. For bare metal parts we recommend a light coating of oil to prevent any corrosion from moisture build-up on the cold parts after processing. Make sure you put your name inside the box so we know they are your items. We will let you know they have arrived and give you an estimated return date. ​ Cryogenix Ltd Unit 2 Slater Court Harrier Way Yaxley Peterborough Cambs. PE7 3SE UK
  • How long will it take?
    Typically we are able to return your parts in 1-2 weeks however if you have a fixed deadline let us know and we will see what we can do.
  • How much will it cost?
    All our charges will be set out under your price plan so you know exactly how much your order will cost. We usually charge by the KG to keep things simple - the bigger your order the cheaper rate per KG. For extra heavy orders (e.g. complete engines) we will offer a more cost effective pricing. Please call / email us to discuss the pricing of your parts
  • Does cryogenic treatment work?
    To get to the point, yes absolutely! Treated materials (both steels and alloys) perform better in hardness, shock, twist, shear tests. Over our 20years of research and service we have many customers who testify to the practical benefits of deep sub-zero treatment on their components. There are also many academic research papers detailing the beneficial effects of cryogenic processing, some of them even conducted using our own facilities! Simply search for "Deep Cryogenic Processing" to discover the proven benefits of DCT.
  • Can I drop off and collect my parts?
    Drop-off and Collection is always welcome and often the best option for bulky items. Our location is: Unit 2 Slater Court Harrier Way Enterprise Business Park Yaxley Peterborough PE7 3SE
  • Will the Treatment cause any brittleness?
    The Deep Cryo Treatment process is computer controlled with slow temperature changes to approx. -195 Degrees Celcuis. The tightly controlled temperature change ensures there is no thermal shock to the parts which is the primary cause of brittleness. The Cryo chamber only ever contains gas and never exposes any parts directly to liquid gasses. Our treated parts perform better not just in hardness tests but also shock, torsion, strength and wear tests.
  • Do I need to prepare my parts for the Cryo process?
    Due to the varying expansive properties of different materials it is not recommended that any parts are torqued up, as it is possible that a steel bolt in an aluminium part may cause damage under changing temperatures. Particularly for automotive parts (which undergo rapid heating and cooling in their natural use) the risk of damage from torqued parts is quite low, however wherever possible separated parts is recommended. The same applies to pressed bearings - we have treated a few without any known issues but where possible they are best to be removed. During the warming up phase of the process parts can sometimes accumulate moisture which can cause surface rust / discolouration. We recommend that ferrous metals (those that will be vulnerable to corrosion) are lightly coated with oil to minimise this. If it's critical that the surface remains in a polished condition we recommend that Cryo treatment is best done prior to the surface being finished.
  • At which point in the building/assembly process is it best to Cryo treat?
    Deep Cryogenic Treatment will relax the metal, so post machining (when extra stress has been introduced) is the best time to treat. The exception to this rule is if you are solving a machining tolerance or surface finish issue by Cryo treating the material - obviously in this case you will treat prior to the machining. If you are looking to get the surface super finished then we recommend Cryo treatment is done prior to this because any stress from a surface treatment is minimal and you will achieve a better finish on a Cryo'd part. The same goes for surface coatings - a Cryo'd part with yield a better surface for the coating to adhere to.
  • Are my shipments insured?
    Shipments are not insured unless requested. Regular Next day shipping is normally used (Fed Ex for items over 5kg, Royal Mail for small items). If you would like your shipments to be insured please just let us know. We use an insurance provider ( ) which look to be reputable and are also good value (costs approx. £10 per £1,000 of cover).
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