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Cryo processed copper wire


The world of Hi-Fi has known of the benefit of deep cryogenic Treatment (DCT) for some time. When the cables are treated, the internal grain structure is refined and a there is a noticeable difference to the sound delivered through the speakers.

We treat wire, finished speaker cables, ICs, power cords & fuses as well as successfully treating various valves and transformers and instrument strings.

Deep Cryogenic Treatments are equally beneficial for individual finished cables or reels of raw material.

It is truly amazing, the difference is clear, you can’t see it but you can definitely hear it.

Frozen Solid cryogenic treated audio cable


The sound created by the speakers will have started at the source instrument or recording and will have travelled through the whole HiFi system.

Every part of that system plays a key role in the quality of the playback with even a simple fuse affecting the amount of background noise, distortion and accuracy of frequency response.

Cryogenically treated cables have a significantly improved grain structure which is key to reproducing that true "live" sound.

Despite most academic research being focused on steel and aluminium alloy materials the evidence of the benefits on copper and copper alloys is clear.

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