Cryogenic Processing for Audio

Truly amazing, the difference is clear, you can’t see it but you can definitely hear it.

The world of Hi-Fi has known of the benefit of deep cryogenic processing (DCT) for some time. When the cables are treated, to refine the internal grain structure, they produce a noticeable difference to the sound delivered through the speakers.

We treat speaker cables, ICs as well as power cords and we have successfully treated various valves and transformers and instrument strings. Try having a few CDs processed, you maybe surprised at the results, some of our customers have been impressed.

To demonstrate how gentle this process is, we have treated complete DVD and CD players. This was done over 4 years ago and both are still giving excellent service.

The use of temperature to change materials is not new, in fact it is centuries old.

In recent times, technology and a better understanding through research has allowed us to look at what happens to materials when they are taken below zero into the deep cryogenic range of temperatures.

We are currently working with Universities on new applications as well as empirical research into the effects of deep cryogenic treatment on various materials. We also work with major OEMs and their supply chains to improve key components and reduce manufacturing costs.


We welcome contact from companies, research establishments and individuals who are interested in developing applications for this remarkable process.


So from a multi-national manufacturer to a hobby enthusiast we may be able to help you with performance and cost reduction, to find out simply get in touch with us now.