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We have been processing a variety of different materials for many years in the UK using the latest technology in liquid nitrogen treatment and although we specialise in motorsport our customer base is very broad including audio manufacturers, tool makers and academic researchers.

Most of our customers are small to medium enterprises with components in their final products that benefit from the added strength and durability that cryogenic processing gives.

Our business model allows us to offer competitive pricing even for small volumes because we pool many orders into a single process cycle.

We ourselves are a small business and offer a friendly and confidential service, so if you're interested in the benefits of cryogenic processing to improve the performance of your components get in touch today and let us show you what we can do for you.



Metals like steel, iron, copper and aluminum are often heat treated to improve their physical properties. When metal is exposed to heat, it undergoes a chemical reaction in which its atoms expand. Normally, heat treatment is performed in conjunction with cooling. After the metal has been heated, it’s rapidly cooled to achieve more desirable properties like increased strength and durability. Cryogenic hardening, however, is a unique metal treatment process in which metal is intentionally exposed to extremely cold temperatures.

What Is Cryogenic Hardening?

Cryogenic hardening is a metal treatment process that’s characterized by the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze metal. While temperatures vary, it’s not uncommon for metal to reach -320 degrees Fahrenheit during this process. At cold temperatures such as this, the amount of martensite in the treated metal increases, resulting in some unique benefits that aren’t found in other treatment processes.

How Cryogenic Hardening Is Performed

To perform cryogenic hardening, metal is first exposed to heat using a conventional heat treatment process. Next, the metal is slowly cooled using liquid nitrogen. Once the metal is submerged or otherwise exposed to liquid nitrogen, its temperature begins to drop. The metal is held at a stable, cool temperature for up to 24 hours, after which it undergoes a second round of heat treatment to minimize brittleness.

Benefits of Cryogenic Hardening

Although it’s somewhat complex and technical process, cryogenic hardening offers several benefits, one of which is increased strength. When the temperature of metal drops, its atoms rearrange in a manner that increases the metal’s martensite and decreases the metal’s austenite. Martensite, of course, is an incredibly hard crystalline structure, whereas austenite is soft and ductile.

Cryogenic hardening is able to make metal objects and workpieces more resistance to wear and tear. Metal doesn’t just become harder through cryogenic hardening; it becomes tougher and more resistant to wear. As a result, cryogenic hardening is performed to increase the usable life of metal objects and workpieces.

Furthermore, cryogenic hardening offers stress relief of metal. When metal is exposed to heat and then rapidly cooled, stresses are created. Cryogenic hardening, however, can eliminate these stresses to achieve a uniform composition.

It’s also worth mentioning that cryogenic hardening supports a variety of metals. While it’s most commonly performed on steel, it can be performed on iron, copper, aluminum, magnesium and other metals as well. These are just a few of the most noteworthy benefits of cryogenic hardening.

We are currently working with Universities on new applications as well as empirical research into the effects of deep cryogenic treatment on various materials. We also work with major OEMs and their supply chains to improve key components and reduce manufacturing costs.


We welcome contact from companies, research establishments and individuals who are interested in developing applications for this remarkable process.

So from a multi-national manufacturer to a hobby race enthusiast cryogenic processing may be able to help you with performance and cost reduction, to find out simply get in touch with Cryogenix now.

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Cryogenic treatment can yield enormous cost savings for you as parts last many times longer than would be expected.

We do our best to offer competitive pricing for our customers and we are committed to work with you to find the most cost effective approach for treating your parts.

We try to keep things simple and for many products are charge by the KG.  There are exceptions with very light parts (e.g. short lengths of speaker cable) and very heavy parts (e.g. complete engines).

If you would like an estimated cost please get in touch with us - we would be happy to hear from you!

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